Freshly Pressed Focus: What Every Backpacker Should Do

Why did I pick 5 Things Every Backpacker Should Do Before Leaving Home for the Freshly Pressed homepage?

Every few days, you’re likely to see a “tip-oriented” post make it to Freshly Pressed. I like selecting posts that help readers learn how to do something new, but it takes a talented writer to frame information in a compelling way, so that it doesn’t sound like a technical manual. One easy solution? Package the tips into numbered tips, which makes the new information easier to scan — a very important concept when dealing with web readers and their teensy attention spans.

As you’ll see in the link above, the blogger has done just so, and bolded the first sentence of each tip, enhancing the document’s scannability. The blogger also used engaging photos to draw the reader in and to break up long bits of text. In sum, this post is written specifically for the web.

More importantly, though, this post was well written. The writer has an excellent voice and isn’t afraid to have fun with his words by using complex sentence structures and intriguing synonyms (“Benjamins” instead of “dollars). He also speaks directly to you, the reader, instructing you on what to do. So, even if you don’t have a particular interest in backpacking, you’ll find sentences like this easy to read:

“Although $100 isn’t that much to us, it’s still a massive sum to be held in one bill.  So, yes, despite America starting a near apocalyptic financial crisis, the US Dollar is still king (ever heard of Greece and the Euro?). So always pack a few Benjamins and put them away in some deep pocket in your sack.”

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One Response to Freshly Pressed Focus: What Every Backpacker Should Do

  1. pduan says:

    Thanks for the praise Joy! Hope you enjoyed the read.

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