Getting Featured on Freshly Pressed

If you’re curious about how Freshly Pressed works — and maybe how to get your own blog post up there – please read my article I wrote for the main blog a few days ago: Five Ways to Get Featured on Freshly Pressed.

Since I wrote that article, many of you commented on the blog. So many, in fact, that we were a bit overwhelmed by the response and haven’t been able to moderate all the comments yet. Slowly, we’ll get to them.

I wanted to clarify a couple of things, too:

1. This only applies to English language posts.

2. Even if you follow all these tips, it’s no guarantee you’ll make it to Freshly Pressed. It just increases your chances.

3. Begging or bribing me is not a good idea. 🙂

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27 Responses to Getting Featured on Freshly Pressed

  1. ThomPaine says:

    Hi. I was featured on Freshly Pressed this morning (), but now the post has been removed.
    First, thanks for selecting my blog. I never expected that it would be featured, and it was a nice surprise. But I’m wondering why it was removed so that I can avoid doing whatever that is in the future. Thanks!

  2. Joy Victory says:

    Hi Thom,

    I may add you back and I’ll certainly be following your blog in the future in case I want to feature your site again. Whenever I feature “political” posts, I try to find at least two perspectives on the homepage, to not give any appearance of bias (as you can imagine, people like to interpret our selections as a statement of our political beliefs, so we try our best to avoid that. It’s hard.) I didn’t find any “counter-point” posts yet.

    As a sidenote, while, personally, I don’t think it’s common sense to continue to burn fossil fuels until they run out (and I’m the daughter of a Texas petroleum engineer!), nor would I say there’s only been a “handful” of recent ecological disasters, I thought you presented your idea clearly, fairly and compellingly. Keep up the good work and I’ll be watching your efforts.

  3. ThomPaine says:

    Thanks for the quick reply and the thoughtful response. I completely understand your quandary. It’s easy to have the appearance of bias in the absence of bias. For example, my posts often have an unstated purpose and meaning which becomes much more apparent the more of them you read.
    Anyway, thanks again for the info and the surprise promotion.

  4. Hello Joy,
    I always presumed that Freshly Pressed was an automatically generated feature, based on some secret formule, considering popularity and keywords. I’m happy to hear that there is a human brain behind IT. Keep up the good work!

  5. mildredm says:

    Hi, I really enjoy seeing your featured Blogs and have bookmarked many of them for daily reading – so thanks for that!
    I was astounded at how many comments you received on the Getting Featured post!
    Thanks 🙂

  6. faka91 says:

    Hello Joy,
    If my WordPress account in English but I writing my blog in other language(my case is Malay),how it can be featured in Freshly Pressed?

  7. Jason Andrew says:

    Do you by chance include fiction?

    I’ve been reading through Freshly Pressed and I haven’t seen any features yet.

    • Joy Victory says:

      That’s a great question. At this point, no. We don’t feature poetry, either. While those are certainly great uses of WordPress, we don’t currently have the editorial staffing to evaluate anything but non-fiction posts. Maybe soon though! (User requests like yours certainly help us know what you all want to see on the homepage!)

      • prafeston says:

        I write poetry occasionally and would just like to say I wouldn’t mind seeing some in Freshly Pressed occasionally. Another for the cause! 🙂

  8. awindram says:

    Hi Joy,

    Thanks for featuring my post on Freshly Pressed yesterday. It was written as a late-night rant so it was quite a surprise when I woke up the next morning with so many comments.

  9. elmer says:

    hi joy, how come I don’t get to see my post on those cute little boxes in the Freshly Pressed section when I got an email from you that my post ( has been promoted to Freshly Pressed?

    • Joy Victory says:

      I didn’t notice the (presumably accidental) nudity in the last photo until after I promoted the post. So I took down the post from Freshly Pressed after I realized that.

      • elmer says:

        oh I see and understand! thanks a lot though. that was an awesome brief moment of honor. more power!

  10. mildredm says:

    Thanks for some great recommendations!

    My Blog is for children, and adults who haven’t quite grown up. It’s!

  11. Hello, Joy, and many, many belated thanks for featuring my post, “Speed Blogging,” on Freshly Pressed. I’m still just as excited as I was when I received your email, but able to think more clearly now! Like quatschtronauts (above), I, too, couldn’t imagine that an actual person had sent the wonderful news to me. I was just that excited! So, once again, I extend to you many, many … one more … many thanks! Also, this blog is so helpful and I’ve learned a great deal from it this morning alone. Regards, Amiable Amiable

  12. sanjaykaul says:

    It gives me no joy to point out that you have selected for Freshly Pressed a crudely biased post by Erika Earl [] titled ‘A people called ‘untouchable’, which is not only a slur to Hindus and to India but misappropriates our culture, history and religion rather dubiously.
    The caste system is an age old phenomenon in India – it had its uses and like all things given to Man, has been corrupted to exploit in many cases, but it is on the wane as the country evolves socially and integrates politically after the many years of Christian subjugation under the British. Since then we have had Dalit {untouchable, in Erika’s language} Presidents, the Chief Minister of the largest state of India – Uttar Pradesh – is a Dalit. Central Ministers in the current cabinet are Dalits, and they are everywhere in India today – in the famed IITs and IIMs of India and they excel in academics and business and in all walks of life. More importantly they are not ‘untouchables’ to the growing majority of Indians of this and the last generation, like me.
    India is a country of billions and the few hundred thousands of cases that Erika tries to dazzle us with withers in percentile terms even as the figures are themselves borrowed from history books. Yes, there are cases of persecution even now, but remember this is a democracy with an open press and that there are so few cases only proves the point of a drastically changed landscape.
    I am aware of your right to judge a post or blog and I do not intend to impinge on that privilege. But ref. Thom Paine’s comment and your reply here earlier, I am disappointed [Pained?] that you have also not followed your own dictum in this case and pressed ahead without selecting a ‘counter-point’ post, although that would have hardly compensated for this, I believe, misjudgement.
    Be that as it may, a few other things about the choice of post and blogger bothers me – just three posts ? And to solicit for donations openly against that quality of content. Could it be that the posts are tweaked to wring out the last dollar of our emotions so Erika could feel better about doing God’s work while fattening her piggy bank? I mean, it’s just plain bad manners to step into someone else’s country with a view to teach them to worship new Gods, but now to order them around and want to get paid for it – even if it’s in the name of God. Jesus!
    Joy, we have a very huge problem here with missionaries and evangelists. My prayer is to avoid exacerbating the situation by feting tyros and nubile zealots who remind us in honey dripping innuendo of the greatness of their own Gods. Remember, we in India have just too many of our own. And, there’s no reason to suggest they aren’t working out our Karma, right now, right?
    Put simply, that post was offensive. More offensive, my Hindu friends here in New Delhi are sure, than the itty bitty nudity you were sanctimonious about in some other case below.
    Please consider taking this off your preferred list.
    Many thanks.

    Sanjay Kaul

    • Joy Victory says:

      Hi Sanja, I recommend you comment on the blog post directly that you find misguided. By putting the post on Freshly Pressed, I am merely saying it’s an interesting, well-written, thought-provoking blog post. It’s not always possible to post a counterpoint to blog posts, though that would be ideal.

  13. sanjaykaul says:

    Hi Joy

    I missed your response, it seems. But you miss my point I think.
    It is not my interest to go around commenting on absurd motivated blogs or posts. My comment is directed to you and I am merely saying that your selection in this case – you call it an interesting, well written, thought provoking blog – was inappropriate becasue it was clear to anyone that it was a motivated post, full of inaccuracies and contextual lies and a manipulative attempt at collecting cash against a crush of emotions, if we can excuse all the other things I mentioned. That was all. Can’t go around cussing and cursing the world for its bigots and its scheming missionaries – but you could have been more careful if not insightful. You are the Czar !

  14. chipburpee says:

    I’m knew to blogging and wordpress but am really enjoying writing and have been amazed at how easy wordpress makes everything.
    I guess that’s the segue to my question – do you have to be on wordpress for a certain length of time to be considered?
    Thank you.

  15. DK says:

    Hi – this is a pretty old post but comments aren’t closed, so maybe you’re still checking in? Question – assuming getting freshly pressed requires much the same stuff as more general readability, is there any strong reader preference for strongly single-themed blogs, or are are multiple themed sites similarly attractive? I’m a bit concerned that my site’s range from food gardening to cooking to art and travel and a few other bits and bobs might be limiting my potential readership (I mean / BTW not any of the others), despite trying for strong images, and unifying look and feel. Since my primary intention is flagrant self-promotion for my photography and to get some writing practise, I am concerned about general appeal. Ta, Don

    • Joy Victory says:

      In general, “niche” blogs perform better with readers as humans naturally like to classify and organize things, versus a random scattering. For example, I’ll read my friends’ blogs that are general and about all sort of stuff (life in general) but that’s only because they are my friends. Otherwise I read focused blogs in topic areas I’m interested in.

  16. StruxTravel says:

    Hello Joy,

    I just started my travel blog less than two months ago and have been having the best time tracking my visitors! I, too, was curious about how blogs were featured on Freshly Pressed but thanks to this post of yours now I know. Hopefully someday I’ll be featured as well. Thanks for the advice 🙂

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