The Freshly Pressed Feed (and a Quick Primer on RSS Feeds)

I’m excited to announce that we recently added an RSS feed for Freshly Pressed. If you look at the homepage of, you’ll now see a little subscribe button in the upper-left hand corner of Freshly Pressed:

When you click on this button, it takes you to the URL for the Freshly Pressed “feed:”

If you know what an RSS feed is, then you’re familiar with this type of page and know exactly what to do with it. I hope you subscribe to Freshly Pressed!

But Wait, What Is a Feed?

If you’re not quite sure what an RSS feed is, read on. I’ll keep it as simple as possible, I promise.

An RSS feed — which technically stands for “real simple syndication” — is a way to subscribe to your favorite blogs. Just like a newspaper arriving on your front-door step, the content comes to you. Around the internet, you’ll see terms like “feed,” “RSS,” and “subscription” to describe the same basic function.

As a WordPress blogger, you automatically have a feed. To see the feed on your own blog, simply add /feed/ to the end of your blog’s URL. You also can add the RSS Links Widget to your sidebar to make it super easy for your readers to subscribe to your feed.

To sign up for feeds, you’ll first need to set up a feed reader, such as Google Reader or Bloglines. Once you’ve set up your feed reader, you can start adding feeds to it, including your own.

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One Response to The Freshly Pressed Feed (and a Quick Primer on RSS Feeds)

  1. jlheuer says:

    What’s the difference between RSS feed, links in the body of your post or links in a list like a Blogroll?

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