A Great Typo Catcher: After the Deadline

When I’m selecting posts across WordPress.com to feature either on Freshly Pressed or in other ways, I try to find posts that are typo-free, or nearly typo-free. After the DeadlineThis is harder than it sounds, as quite a few errors make their way into published posts. I know, we’re all human — mistakes happen, especially when we don’t have an editor double-checking everything we type.

My solution for my own blog posts (including this one!) is to make sure I run After the Deadline, WordPress’s internal spelling, style and grammar checker. Not only is After the Deadline (AtD) operated by a brilliant human programmer behind the scenes, it also runs off artificial intelligence software to get smarter and catch more errors with each use.

Of course, nothing beats a real human pair of eyes for editing, but AtD comes very close — and it has the added convenience of being there when you need it. So, before you hit publish, show AtD some love!

How to Use After the Deadline

When you’re writing a new post, After the Deadline is the icon that says “ABC” with a check mark next to it. Here it is circled in orange:

Hitting that little button turns AtD on, and it will scour your post looking for three things: Spelling errors, grammar errors and style issues.

Of course, AtD is not 100% correct, but it’s still a great way to catch common typos and also get style recommendations. Brevity is valued in blogging, and so the style checker will tell you when your writing is sounding bloated, and will often suggest easier, simpler words in place of fancy language. Don’t take it personally — think of it as your helpful robot-editor making suggestions you can ignore at will.

AtD Around the Web

If you like After the Deadline so much you want to use it on other text-based forms on the web, you’re in luck! It’s now available in Firefox and Chrome, and may soon be available elsewhere. Here’s how to add it to your browser.

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3 Responses to A Great Typo Catcher: After the Deadline

  1. milkfever says:

    Thanks for the great suggestion. I’ll click the tick from now on.

  2. Mo Jangda says:

    AtD is the best!

    You forgot to mention the awesome auto-proofread feature! It gives you the option to automatically check your writing when you hit publish or update. It can be enabled from your Personal Settings page (Blog Dashboard > Users > Personal Settings).

    (Disclaimer: I wrote and contributed the code for this feature :))

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