Freshly Pressed Focus — We Remember: Love, Adrian

Today is Memorial Day in the United States, a holiday for remembering our war veterans (and increasingly, an excuse to celebrate the welcomed arrival of summer).

This morning, while I was looking for homepage posts, I was pleased to come across a detailed, well-produced and above all unique post on American military history, “We Remember: Love, Adrian” on the family tag page. Through excerpts from Adrian to his love, Estrid, this post takes readers back to a love story and ultimately life-long relationship that blossomed in the World War II era.

The author provides a series of photos so we can really step back in time as we read snippets of Adrian’s letters. The eloquent introduction also helps orient us before we start reading the letters:

“Take away internet, texting, even private phone conversations, and that left two smitten youths to tuck their dreams, thoughts and hearts into envelopes and entrust them to the trains that carried mail to the countryside.”

This post is a good reminder of how communication used to be much slower, and in some ways, much more special. But what I really loved about this post is the story. If you’re ever looking for blog post ideas, I encourage you to think about your family history, and how that makes you unique, and how those stories are worth sharing with the world.

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