Just Started Blogging? Some Perspective Is Key

When you first start a blog, it can feel lonely — like you’re the only reader of your blog, and that your just a tiny blip in the massive internet. You may feel insecure about your stats, unsure how you measure up against your blogging peers. Or maybe you just have this general feeling that you’re blogging “the wrong way.”

As a beginner, these feelings are natural and normal. Here’s a few things to keep in mind, though:

Right now is the time to ignore your stats page

I know it’s fascinating to check your stats page and see who has read your content and what search terms they used to find you. But, when you’re first starting out, the number one way to increase your traffic is to not check your stats page and base your blogging activities around that. What you need to do is keep blogging frequently. The more you publish, the more URLs you create. The more URLs you have, the more chance you have for someone finding you in search engines or on our tags pages (assuming you use tags). Think of each new post as a new door to your site, waiting to be opened. If you only have 3 posts, you only have three entrances to your site. If you have 100, well, there you go — and so on.

Patience is key

The general rule of thumb is that it can take two years of frequent updating to get any sense of your blog’s potential. Why? When you publish a new post, it can take several months before search engines crawl the internet, looking for and ranking new content. There’s a lot of content out there for search engines to review, and more being added every single moment of the day.

So, give it time to see how things go. Instead of worrying that no one is reading your blog, try to focus on the following…

Make it fun

Ask yourself two questions:

  • Why am I blogging?
  • What’s my idea of “success?”

My answers: You should blog because you have something you want to share with the world, whether it’s your gardening adventures or your company’s press releases.

And, your idea of success should be that you enjoy your blog. Not to achieve worldwide fame, or have a million page views per month or get a book deal.  The goal should be that you use your blog as a way to share your passion or your viewpoint (or your company’s passion or viewpoint) with the world. You’ll find that doing so allows everything else to follow naturally.

As always, I welcome your thoughts, ideas and comments.

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7 Responses to Just Started Blogging? Some Perspective Is Key

  1. Tara Aarness says:

    It’s been just under a year since I started blogging and though I have some posts and comments (can’t believe I’ve received 70 comments to 27 posts!), your advice is still true for even the more advanced or experienced bloggers.

    What truly sank in for me, is your advice of why a person is blogging, and that in itself is inspiring. Thanks for the reminder! 🙂

  2. Brit Miller says:

    What a great post. Although I don’t feel as if I’m throwing a stone into the ocean with my blog posts, reading this – I feel as if I’m blogging for all the right reasons.

    All the best, Mike.

  3. This was a helpful post. Since starting my Blog, geared toward having fun, I have watched my STATS page daily. Sometimes, I tweet for an hour, then go back and look at the STATS page to see if there has been any change. Usually there is. I was happy to day when 30+ people read my blog. A NEW RECORD.

    Question, do I need to post on other blogs to increase my audience? Not sure if that is helpful or not.


  4. I hope you don’t mind me posting these questions here. I posted them on a help thread but havent seen any response yet.

    1) I have a widget that allows individuals to submit an email address for automatic notification when new posts go live on my blog. However, I cannot seem to find any list of what email addresses are on that list anywhere in my dashboard. I do know that there are people registered, can you help me locate that list?

    2) at the end of my weekly blogs, I have found “other related links” listed. Just wondering how they got there? Is that an automatic WordPress function?

    Thanks in advance

  5. mrdanbaird says:

    Just been checking out this blog. This post jumped out to me as it’s something I’ve often thought about. I think the subject of getting readers is almost paradoxical in nature. On one hand you need to make more and more posts to get more readers to come to your blog. On the other hand, nobody will read your blog if all you post is bad content. So you need to find a line in the middle where you write content that is both worth reading and regular.

    The best content takes time though and in that time you’re losing readers. Is it better to write amazing material that nobody reads or average material that everybody reads? Is it better to touch one person and completely change their perspective on something, or to lightly brush ten people and make them go “hmmm, maybe, but I’m not convinced”?

    Tough decision.

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