Freshly Pressed Focus: Magical Monsoon in Bandipur

Today one of the featured posts on is “Magical Monsoon in Bandipur.”

I chose this post for the homepage for two reasons:

– The customized look of this blog shows how much you can change up a standard theme — in this case, MistyLook — by tweaking the CSS. (CSS is a common language used to design web pages, particularly blogs.) This user has made several adjustments to the CSS which allow his photos to appear bigger. Note: If you’re interested in purchasing a CSS upgrade so you can tweak your blog’s look, check out the “Upgrades” section of your Dashboard.

– And about those photos: WOW. These are some truly gorgeous wildlife photos that you just don’t see everyday — including a photo of the increasingly rare (nearly extinct) tiger. The uniqueness of this topic — taken from a nature preserve in India — makes it a winner for Freshly Pressed.

Magical Monsoon in Bandipur Monsoon is not the best time for sighting wildlife, or so is the belief. Monsoon is also not the ideal time for photography. But wildlife always throws surprises. Butch and I were not keen on any particular sighting, but wished to see a pack wild dogs (at least after learning about a pack of 31). Ramesh was our driver on the first day's evening safari. Half an hour into the safari we saw 3-4 jeeps coming from the opposite direction. They had seen … Read More

via i Thought, i Think i'd Blog – Sandeep

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