Freshly Pressed Focus: Tweet Wisely or Forever Hold Your Peace

We selected this post for Freshly Pressed for the same basic reasons we feature any post — it was well written, engaging, and had fresh ideas — but also because the author, Frances Jones, touches upon an important point that every internet user needs to remember: Everything you do online can come back to haunt you. She makes an excellent summation with this single line: Don’t tweet anything you wouldn’t want to see on the front page of the New York Times.

Tweet Wisely or Forever Hold Your Peace One measure of the popularity of Twitter is the proliferation of Twitter debacles due to inappropriate tweets—with one Scottish politician committing political death when he referred to his elderly constituents as “coffin dodgers. And politicians aren’t the only offenders: while many people have a morbid fascination with celebrities, is there anyone who doesn’t have Lindsay-Lohan-tweet-fatigue? I’m about to buy that family a washer/dryer so they … Read More

via The Blog of Frances Cole Jones

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