Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Hey, ya’ll! I’m Erica Johnson and I’m the Editorial Producer for Starting today, I’ll be collaborating with Joy (Editorial Czar) to share editorial tips with you here on Share the Word. Want to see more posts on certain topics? Let us know and we’ll be sure to serve it up!

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9 Responses to Allow Me To Introduce Myself

  1. Sajib says:

    I would love to see a form somewhere on to suggest posts for Freshly Pressed. 😉 Anyway, good to have one new editor on board. Hope you write something that inspires us to blog even more. 🙂

  2. the rufus says:

    Interesting posts here – always. And now there will be even more of them. Anyhow what is the score in the header image about? 😉

  3. JamesBrett says:

    hi erica, thanks for joining joy here to help us all out. my question may not be one for you, but perhaps you can point me the right direction:

    i had become accustomed to being able to search (all of) wordpress for blogs on certain subjects (especially when looking for recipes), and i’ve noticed recently that this ‘search’ button is gone. where did it go, and is it coming back? i miss it.

    • Joy Victory says:

      Hi James — try resizing your browser — bigger and smaller. It should re-appear.

    • Erica Johnson says:

      Hi James,

      I believe you’re referring to this search feature, but you’ll probably find that the tag pages are even more helpful for that.

      • JamesBrett says:

        erica, thanks a lot. that is exactly the search feature i was looking for. it used to be on top of the freshly pressed and tags pages, but it’s now disappeared from there. i actually find it much more helpful than the tag pages, just because i can quickly search for a particular food item (ie. bacon-wrapped chicken) and quickly find dozens of recipes from real people — versus getting them from or some place like that.

        also, the tags pages go by what people say their posts are about, while the search feature goes by what is actually contained in that post? at least that’s my assumption.

        sorry i didn’t have a comment actually about editorial tips… maybe later.

      • Erica Johnson says:

        No problem, James!

        Yes, the search engine looks for keywords and displays what it thinks are the most relevant posts (you can also change it to show the most recent posts).

        Tags are assigned by users, but not everyone uses tags, so some posts may slip through the cracks. But keep in mind that in addition to searching the most popular tags, you can also search for specific tags, too. For example,

        Happy recipe hunting!

      • JamesBrett says:

        and, erica, how did you know about my love affair with bacon…?

  4. TOC says:

    Hello Erica and welcome.

    The only issue I’ve had with WP is this: I would LOVE it if would create a feature for an ‘upcoming events calendar’ …a widget or something like that… I try to use my main website to promote upcoming shows and performances etc, and a dynamic calendar of some kind would be great… I’ve submitted the request a few times but gotten the generic “we’ll look into it.” …meanwhile, if I’m not mistaken, users have several such calendars to chose from… I think a lot of people would appreciate this feature, please let the honchos know.

    That is really it, otherwise I am deeply satisfied with wp… it is simply the best platform of its kind.


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