Freshly Pressed Now on Twitter, Too!

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To make reading the top daily posts from even more fun and flexible, we’ve created a Twitter account that tweets all the latest picks! Follow us at

For those of you who prefer RSS feeds, Freshly Pressed also has a feed:

To see the latest news and announcements from, be sure to follow, which is, of course, also available as a feed at:

Also, if you’d like to add social media buttons to your blog posts — so your friends can share your posts on Twitter, Facebook and more — be sure to read “More ways to share” to set this feature up on your blog.

And to subscribe to any blog on, all you have to do is hit “Subscribe” in your admin bar.

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5 Responses to Freshly Pressed Now on Twitter, Too!

  1. Topmace says:

    Yet, I wish there’s a widget to display your subscribed blog in the sidebar. I know you can add them to your blogroll, yes, but what about automatic? 😀

    • Joy Victory says:

      If I’m understanding you correctly, I think what you want is the RSS Widget — you can add the feed of any blog in this widget, not just your own. Here it is:

      • Topmace says:

        No, what I mean is to display them just like a blogroll.

        In the blogroll, you add links from your dashboard, right? Then, in order to display those group of links, you just have to grab a widget into your sidebar in the presentation tab.

        Now, what I’m wishing is that you have a widget, you grab it and drop in your sidebar in the presentation>>under ‘widgets’. Then, all your subscriptions, including future subscriptions are automatically added to your sidebar. For example, if I passed by this blog, the and I click subscribe in the admin menu bar, then this blog title and blog url are automatically added to my sidebar, if I refresh my page.

        I hope now that’s clearer.

      • Joy Victory says:

        That’s a cool feature that we don’t yet have. I’ll mention it though.

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