Tip: Do You Know How to “Press This?”

Do you often read articles on the web that make you think “Wow, I’d totally like to blog about that. Like, right now!”

If you use our Press This service, then you can do just that, making it very easy to update your blog while browsing the web. After you install Press This, a little “W” or the words “Press This” will appear in your browser’s toolbar, and anytime you’re reading any web page that you would like to share or discuss in a blog post, click the Press This tool. Presto! An edit window pops up with  a pre-filled headline and a link to the page you were reading. In action, it looks something like this:

Press this

Here’s a bit more about this nifty tool.

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2 Responses to Tip: Do You Know How to “Press This?”

  1. thypolarlife says:

    Thanks so much for posting this. I was trying to figure out how the “press this” tool worked. I guess it was just too dang easy for me! LOL.

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