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Share the Word is moving!

From now on, we’ll be offering better blogging tips at The Daily Post and on the blog. Be sure to update your subscriptions!

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15 Blogging Best Practices

In case you missed it on Freshly Pressed earlier this week, these Top 15 Blogging Best Practices are fantastic tips to blog by. Why Aren’t You Blogging? Originally uploaded by Mike Licht, How can you become a better blogger? … Continue reading

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Proud of Old Posts? These 5 Widgets Will Help You Get New Eyes on Your Archives

Have you put your heart and soul into many of your entries, only to watch them sink to the bottom of your blog and eventually disappear on to the second page, where they’re now collecting dust? These 5 widgets will … Continue reading

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The Art of the Nut Graf: Don’t Just Get New Visitors, Keep Them

Writing rockin’ blog post titles is a great way to attract new visitors to your blog. But it’s just as important that your posts have strong introductions that will engage readers and motivate them to actually read — and not … Continue reading

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Quick Tip: Avoid Center-Aligned Text

As mentioned in Poor Design Speaks Louder Than Words: A Lesson in Personal Branding, ineffective and unattractive design elements can send your visitors running for the browser back button. Using center-aligned body copy is another way to put readers off. … Continue reading

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Freshly Pressed Focus – DIY: Bulletin Board Chic

This week, we picked DIY: Bulletin Board Chic, by WordPress user Pradaforbreakfast, for Freshly Pressed. Here’s why: Reason #1: Strong Headline “DIY: Bulletin Board Chic” is both informative and catchy. The “DIY” part tells readers that the post provides how-to … Continue reading

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6 Strategies for Combating Lazy Blogging Habits

You already know that the greatest blogs are updated frequently and feature lots of original content. But let’s face it: sometimes you wish your blog posts would write themselves. Here’s a collection of strategies for overcoming some of the top … Continue reading

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