Freshly Pressed Focus: Mochar’s ghonto – a quintessential Bengali recipe

Today, I’ve selected the food post, “Mochar’s ghonto – a quintessential Bengali recipe” by blogger Naan Therapy for the Freshly Pressed homepage of

I’ll admit, the post isn’t flawless — there are a few typos and grammatical errors that indicate to me that maybe the writer isn’t a native English speaker. But that’s OK, because this post is delightful in other ways.

It’s unique on several levels — it’s a Bengali recipe, which you don’t see too often, that utilizes banana flowers. When I read the post and looked at those great photos, I thought “WHAT?!” It’s one of those posts where you go “who knew?” and you feel like you’ve learned something new. I love that.

Plus, it has a detailed recipe, in case we want to get more than a little exotic and prepare our own banana flower recipe.

Thanks for teaching me something new, Naan Therapy.

Mochar's ghonto - a quintessential Bengali recipe Mocha or banana flower is one of the more complex Bengali cooking but it brings out the flavors of rural Bengal – fields of paddy, fresh rain on dry earth, and the green smell of ponds….. On a recent visit to Delhi, had some mocha chops at My Calcutta restaurant. So, inspite of its robust flavors, it is not merely the terrain of a home cook. Once the bas … Read More

via Naan Therapy

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